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Last winter, one of the producers of WoW Classic announced the summer update of the popular version of the game. The add-on will make the product even more interesting to the perception, the players will open up radically new content on tbc-leveling.


Like any add-on to the popular WORLD OF WARCRAFT product, Burning Crusate will open up access to a huge amount of new content. Immediately after the official release of the add-on, players will have the following opportunities:
1. New Territories - The Dark Portal will no longer be the last available location.
2. Two completely new races - blood elves and draenei, who came from Outland in search of a new home.
3. Arenas. Now you can participate not only in 2v2 battles. Arenas are now open, where each team will have access to 3 or 5 players at once.
4. Transport update - added flying vehicles.
5. The appearance of levels in the dungeons, which can now also be opened with crystals.
6. The profession is jewelry.

One of the most anticipated updates, according to gamers, is the team battles in the tbc-pvp arenas and the emergence of new awards.
After the summer upgrade, new unusual abilities appear.

New opportunities for every player

To make the game interesting for every gamer - novice or experienced user, the Berning Crusate update does not oblige you to upgrade to the new version. That is, you can choose to stay in WoW Classic and continue exploring it, or go further, appreciating the benefits of the new Burning Crusade Classic.

Moreover, the choice can be made for each individual character. As the level increases, the characters will receive new, rare equipment that simply cannot be won in battle and cannot be bought in the store. There will also be a new paid option - creating clones for characters. This means that you can play in both versions of the application at the same time - exist in two eras.

The beta testing of the Berning Crusate has already started, so very soon players will be able to get acquainted with the re reviews of those who have already managed to explore new lands, characters and upgrades available to them. Moreover, this time the developers assure that each player had enough time to decide where his characters will remain, whether he needs a paid option - cloning. The developers continue to work on updates to make the adventures of WORLD OF WARCRAFT even more interesting.